expanse of ~

A vast expanse of immaculate snow is a trip into memory, or the return to times long lost.

The easiest way to travel is by ski. Cross-country skiing is a physically demanding activity and could be dangerous for people with heart or respiratory conditions. Consult with your doctor before dreaming of it.

In any case, to avoid exhaustion, you should let yourself follow down the slope or turn your back to the wind. You will travel far into the whiteness. Very far. You will think that you have gone too far and that you need to go back, but don’t. You will eventually reach a small building.

This one is an old school. You go in, and it is empty, except for the teacher who is sitting at her desk. There is no life but this one, yet you know her from beyond memory, and your heart is filled with great nostalgia, which you can’t explain, except perhaps by a great lost love.

You want to tell her, but she doesn’t know how you feel, she just thinks that she has always been this teacher and she asks you if you brought your homework. You say: “Yes, I have a text for you.”

You rummage through your bag. You find a sheet of paper scribbled in ink. You do not recall writing this homework, but you recognize your own handwriting, although messy as though you had been drunk. You are ashamed of having brought her such poor work.

The title reads In which your heart longs for remembrance, or something like it. No, you do not recall writing this. You may get a bad grade.